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Asian Sports Academy, powered by Saurasish Lahiri is the sports education division of Asian International School (under the aegis of Sri Laxmi Narayan Educational Trust). Leading the coaching function is Chief Coach and former Indian international cricketer Saurasish Lahiri.

Asian Sports Academy offers an exclusive Pathway, an integrated development program with a well-defined and progressive road map. As a child progresses academically; his or her sports development should also progress in parallel. From learning the basics of sports through fun and modified games, a child should have the opportunity to travel the sports development journey attending sequential coaching programs developing their sporting potential whilst supporting their academic growth. Besides quality sports coaching, emphasis is placed on tournament preparation and playing performance.


ASA shall open its doors in the month of July at the Asian International School grounds. The 1st Phase shall see the launch of a cricket program. There have been 3 programs as following which have been framed for different age groups.

Age Group Program
5 - 8 Years Cricket Teens

Asian Sports Academy recognizes that young children have different needs, requirements and motivations for being involved in sport. Modified sport for young children is encouraged to avoid injury, maximize participation and ensure appropriate skill development.

Cricket Kids is founded on this philosophy. It is a program built on learning through game play and targeted for specifically for 5–8 year old boys & girls. The focus is on introducing the skills & requirements of cricket in fun, engaging and child friendly activities.

9 - 14 Years Cricket Education

Cricket Education Program is a comprehensive six level sequential cricket development program written exclusively by Cricket Australia for 9 to 14 year old boys and girls. Each level of the Program consists of practical skill development training and knowledge development. Sessions are scheduled according to the needs of the host venues to ensure an effective learning environment is achieved.

All skill areas are covered in the syllabus as well as Leadership and Fitness for Cricket. Coaching, Umpiring and Scoring units are also introduced for Levels 5 and 6.

A participant is assessed throughout the program on their Knowledge, Understanding and Skill with a certificate awarded on the successful completion of each level. This culminates in the Diploma of Cricket awarded after satisfying the requirements of Level 6. The Cricket Education Program vision is to "Provide a high quality educational program to develop young people through cricket."

15 Years & above Emerging Players Program

Cricketers of age 15+ mature and progress their skills with their preferences become more defined. Asian Cricket Academy's Emerging Players Program has a focus of defining and developing a player’s core cricket strengths to provide a platform for greater specialization.

Rules & Regulation

  1. Trainees will have to be in their academy cricketing attire only.
  2. All the trainees will have to adhere to the scheduled timings. Any player not coming for coaching shall intimate the coach at least eight hours in advance.
  3. Trainees will have to maintain discipline of cricket coaching and if found otherwise would be expelled from the coaching.
  4. Trainees will attend all trainings and events set forth by the coach.
  5. Trainees will approach training and matches with a professional attitude and apply themselves accordingly.
  6. Trainees agree to work as hard as they possible can for as long as they can, always.
  7. The coach reserves the right to award playing time in matches to those who do not miss trainings and other game preparations.
  8. Trainees will come to the coach for any and all disputes, including playing time or lack thereof, personality differences, scheduling conflicts, or any other issues that involves the team, player or coach.
  9. If the coach and player cannot resolve the problem, then and only then, will the coach ask a parent and head coach to become involved.
  10. Trainees will recognize that the team comes first, not the individual. Selfishness and focus on self will not be tolerated. Players will support each other and treat others with respect. No player is more important than any other, TEAM first.
  11. The cricket coaching will take place two days in a week ( i.e. Saturday & Sunday)
  12. The Academy shall not be responsible for any loss or untoward incident to any Trainee while coming to or going from the Academy, whether before or after the Academy timing. The accountability for the same lies with the trainee or the person, if any, escorting the Trainee.
  13. All the trainees shall take proper precautions and play with good quality pads, guards, helmets-on and take other requisite measures expected of and advise to them while playing. However , if any untoward incident happen during the course of coaching/playing any matches and any players is injured leading to incapacitation for some periods, permanent disability or death, the coaching authorities including the staff shall not be responsible for the same in any manner. It shall be the endeavor of the coaches to provide immediate medical aid as available in case of any such eventuality. However, noncompliance thereof for factor beyond the control of the academy cannot be termed as negligence and consequently the Academy / coaching authorities shall not be liable.
  14. Though the endeavor of the academy is to provide quality cricket coaching to the Trainees, however the Academy does not guarantee any selection and is not responsible, in any manner, for non-selection of the trainee by any competent authority in any of its events. The selection of the trainees is purely on merits and non-selection cannot be attributed to the Academy.
  15. Age: Children of 5 to 18 years of Age would be admitted.
  16. There will be no refund of fees (in part or full) on any account. Therefore parents are requested to deposit fee after careful consideration.

Cricket Coaching Timings

Saturday 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Sunday 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Cricket Coaching Fees

Fee Type Applicant (If studying in AIS) Applicant (If not studying in AIS)
Admission Fee 2,000 /- 3,000 /-
Monthly Fee (To be paid quarterly) 750 /- 750 /-
Total (At the Time of Admission) 4,250 /- 5,250 /-

Fee Policy

  1. The Admission fee includes the cost of one academy jersey (upper & lower), ID cards and administrative expenses.
  2. The Monthly fee is to be paid quarter wise. It is payable at the beginning of every quarter and the last date of such payment shall be 10th of the relevant month. (i.e. Quarter APR – JUNE fee shall be payable by April 10th)
  3. The fee once collected shall not be refundable under any circumstances.
  4. If the parent fails to pay the fee within the stipulated time then a fine of Rs. 250/- shall be levied for the next 15 days from the stipulated time. If the fee stands outstanding even after that the name of the student shall be struck off the rolls of academy.
  5. The fee shall be taken only on the operating days of the academy i.e. the days and timings as given above.

Other Facilities

Swimming & Water Therapy Twice in a month (as per Coaches Instruction)
Training and Conditioning Inclusive
Diet & Nutrition Consultancy Once a Month
Transport From Fixed Bus Stops – Charges Extra
Canteen Extra Chargeable


New Kolorah, PS Domjur
NH 6, Howrah – 711 302

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