Debabrata Banerjee

My son Divyan Banerjee is in class IB and I wish to congratulate you for not only excellent but of Unique idea about counselling parents of your children first.

This session has enriched us and enhanced thirst for having this type of workshops in future. Generally parents don't have so much experience in proper execution of knowledge to their children in scientific manner. What you have organized through Dr.Dasgupta has expressed your serious concern about your children, which is also unique in it's way. I personally looking forward for having more sessions /classes like this for which I am eager to spend the required amount if needed for management of our emotions.

Debabrata & Gopa Banerjee.

Ranajoy Bhowmick

You have guided properly our children through the year. With this conception you have also guided the parents how handle the different situation in daily activities. After today our expectation from your team has been increased.

We expect that will organize this type programme in future also particularly in Sunday.

Thanks and regards

F/o Wrishav Bhowmick [Class III], Anushka Bhowmick [Class VII]

Aninda Banerjee

We feel, AIS has become a Center for excellence for imparting quality education. Students benefit from superb facilities added by experienced teaching faculty. Pedagogic method is also very scientific and child friendly.

Sports and extracurricular activities are encouraged and children get opportunity to excel in his or her chosen sport.

Both our children love attending school.

Manas Banerjee

Three years ago it was a very difficult decision for me to pick the right school for my daughter. So my primary searches of school were based on two important points. Firstly, a school that focused on communication and leadership in the students from an early age and strong academics. Secondly, a school that is caring and kind and want to ensure confidence and a feeling of security to my daughter. Any one can find this with Asian International school [A.I.S].

This school helps my daughter adapt to a different learning and requirement system. Teachers are always ready to help the child to overcome the hardships of the learning process as well as create the condition that helps improve oneself.

parents were always kept precisely informed about the improvement their children. Supporting staffs are excellent.

That's why without any doubts parents can opt for Asian International School.

F/o Mrittika Banerjee [Class-1, Roll No-5]
+91 94334 42432

Naveen Bardia

My son, Himesh Bardia was almost 5 years old when we enrolled him at Asian International School (AIS) - Howrah. We had looked at several other schools(s) before we finally chose AIS. This school was totally new at that time but what we liked is that there is a feeling of care & affection that a family provides. The teachers and management truly care about each and every kid in a special way. My son is presently in Class II now. He loves attending school daily. Along with education, the school is also taking care of health.

The best part about the school is the effort it puts in for the overall development and grooming of the child by means of extracurricular activities in the form of outdoor and indoor games. ie. Swimming, Cricket, Football, Basket Ball, PT/Yoga, Karate, Table Tennis, Chess, Art Craft, Drawing etc. to name a few.

School has a good canteen too. The GPS facility & its corresponding services provided in the School bus services is worth highlighting.

The school management is making commendable steps in taking suggestion from the parents regularly and accordingly meliorating the operations.

It is a great feeling for a parent to know that one’s child is in good hands for their wholesome growth mentally and physically.

We have had an excellent experience and would definitely recommend it.

F/o Himesh Bardia [Section-A]

Aninda Banerjee

I like the environment Asian International School provides my son with and I appreciate the way the staff deal with our children.

When my son first came to AIS, it was very difficult for him to adjust to the new system which was very different from a boarding school where he came from, but now he has settled done there and is very comfortable .I am very happy to say AIS has done a excellent job. In almost three years, my son has progressed greatly and now he is is devouring books at an amazing pace. It's not just the educational progress that they have made. I believe the most important improvement has been in the development of his personality. He is so much more confident. I have observed how the teachers and all other staff of AIS have constantly built up the students self esteem. I visit school often so noticed the same in the most reserved children.

Thank you AIS for supporting our children . And keep up the good work.

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