Student Care

Academic Counselling

The Counsellor along with a set of eligible teachers will work with the students individually, to ensure that the carefully recognize, assess and align their capabilities and interests, to make an well-versed decision about their future. In the last year of school, students have to opt which universities.

Guided Study

A dedicated hour for Guided Study will form part of every child's daily schedule. During this time, students will work on their self-study assignments with constant guidance and assistance from faculty members. This programme has many benefits:

  1. Children will receive extra attention at school from in-house faculty who are familiar with the school's teaching methodologies.
  2. It will minimize or eliminate the need for extra study tuitions outside school hours, leaving children with more time for family and relaxation.
  3. Besides for homework, students can use this time to seek valuable advice from teachers for projects, exam preparations, and other study-related concerns.

In Class Action

With a maximum of approximately 40 students in any classroom, teachers will have the bandwidth to carefully monitor the progress of each child individually. This will help faculty members to develop a deep understanding of every student's unique strengths and limitations. The teacher's responsibilities under this programme are manifold:

  1. To pay special attention to those who might learn at a slower pace than their peers, and use more illustrative methods to explain concepts to them.
  2. To actively encourage children who have the ability to grasp concepts faster than peers, and give them bigger challenges to keep their minds occupied.
  3. To actively manage and balance the differences in learning pace to ensure that the entire class moves ahead collectively.

Continuous Feedback

Throughout the time that a child is a student at AIS, a feedback journal will be maintained to record his/her progress in every aspect of school life, so that:

  1. Parents can keep a detailed and systematic record of their child's progress and growth over the years.
  2. Teachers can gain an in-depth understanding of their students individual characteristics and pay careful attention to their specific needs.
  3. Development areas can be identified by recognizing patterns, and effective measures can be taken to help the child overcome specific difficulties.

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